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1. Participatory Theatre RO

From the ancient Greeks to modern day playwrights, from the comedic to the tragic, the theatre has long served as a place for a society to gather, witness their own conflicts, and reflect upon possible solutions.
Participatory Theatre encourages audience interaction and explores different options for dealing with a problem or issue. This is an interactive form to help youth of all backgrounds to understand one another and to confront social issues in a positive and non-violent manner.
Students wrote a drama sketch about a conflict with volunteers as actors, prepare it and then they will present to the whole school.
Steps: information collection, compiling information, scene development, character development, preparation of the performance location, interaction with spectators. And actors (students) trained in participatory theatre can play a useful role as mediators for a community’s exploration.

2. Music for Peace and Conflict RO - BG

The students could be asked to think of songs which convey either the idea of Peace or Conflict and write down a selection of lyrics that they like or identify with. The students from partner schools will share their understanding of the subject by creating a CD/DVD which can be shared.

3. Youth-led Peacebuilding through Photography - Digital Photo Competition RO - BG

Observation and documentation of conflict areas using photos – students will take pictures of those places in school which they associate with conflict or, if that is too difficult, will take photos of those areas, objects, persons and situations which are connected with peace, joy and confidence.
In the case of a photograph, for example, the following information would be useful:

4. The impact of dances in peace education BG

All over the world, cultural dance plays a big role in communication, expression, education and entertainment. Cultural dance has been used for entertainment and celebration at the family, community and especially on the national days. The language of dance however cuts across all barriers.

5. Art Exhibition- Paintings, drawings, sculptures, carvings, etc. RO - BG

Choose a theme for your poster or collage poster.