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1st Project meeting in Vratsa, Bulgaria
November 24-28, 2010

24 November
25 November
26 November
27 November

The project meeting was organized by Otec Paisii, Secondary School, Vratsa – Bulgaria and representatives of the Romanian partner institution attended the meeting.

The Romanian participants consist of students and teachers, as follows:
1. Amalia Raluca Cristina Oprisan - student -
2. Bianca Andra Spiridon - student -
3. Cristina Trepadus - student -
4. Mariana Craciunescu - student -
5. Simona Constantin - student -
6. Marinela Dinca - teacher -
7. Elena Visan - teacher -
8. Gabriela Serban - teacher -
9. Ion Florina - teacher -
10. Gili Dumitrescu - teacher -
The national coordinator of ACES Program in Romania, Mrs. Lucretia Baluta has participated at this meeting.

The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for both students and teachers to:
- visit the Bulgarian partner school;
- attend classes of dance, music, painting and drawing;
- work on the project topic (students have made posters together connected with the project theme)
- improve our knowledge of English;
- build friendship;
- visit the town (guided tour of Vratsa was offered by the host students)
- meet the „Otec Paisii” High School Principal, Mr. Danov Krasimir Iliev.
- discus with the School Inspectorate Representative of Vratsa and Vicemayor of Vratsa town.
- learn about the Bulgarian culture.

The programme of the meeting included also:
- The guided tour of the Town Museum of History and the Ethnographic and Revival Complex from Vratsa.
- One extraordinary visit to Panorama Pleven discovering a common historical moment of both countries.

During the project meeting:
• Romanian students presented the Questionnaires for the Avoiding or Dealing with Conflicts at School & Conflict Management Styles - the analysis of the results;
• we realized evaluation of the first meeting of the project;
• we discussed about the dissemination of results;